Workouts Boring You?

If you are one of the many people who do not necessarily look forward to your weekly workouts or find them to be repetitive then I have suggestions for you.  Try having fun with your fitness!

Image courtesy of Go Interactive Wellness on flickr

Have Fun With a Friend!  

Start a workout group with friends, family or co-workers.  Working out with someone else is a great way to stay motivated and look forward to your workout.  Initiate a walking, running, hiking, biking or swimming group with friends or family.

  • To achieve greater success ensure you share a similar workout style, share motivation, make workouts a priority and celebrate accomplishments together.

 Try Something New! 

New exercise trends have been gaining popularity in recent years. It is the perfect opportunity to incorporate new workouts into our exercise routines.  Check out online discount websites like and for fitness deals!

  • The Great Outdoors: paddle boarding, surf lessons, rock climbing
  • Group Classes: yoga, body barre, trampoline workouts, dance, TRX
  • Alternative Exercise: Boot camp, CrossFIt, mommy & me fitness, sports league/club- frisbee, softball, running, biking

Image courtesy of Memories by Mike on flickr

Make it Fun!   

Sign up to take part in a color, retro, or mud run, turkey trot or holiday run.

Websites to Explore:

Include the Whole Family!

Make it a daily or weekly family event to take a new hike, bike to and from the store, or play a new family sport.

Include the dog!  Enjoy runs your dog, walk the dog often, hike together or head to the dog park.

Stay Motivated!

Keep an exercise log to track your progress and encourage yourself.  In today’s technology savvy world we can even log workouts online.

Websites to Explore:

Ask a friend to hold you accountable, or better yet, hold each other accountable!

Set Reasonable Goals! 

We have to avoid setting ourselves up for failure and becoming discouraged.  Give yourself the chance to succeed by setting reasonable goals.  Work yourself up to where you want to be.  Goals require working towards them so set up a plan for success.

Written By: Kristin McCutcheon, CSULB Dietetic Intern


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